A Pebble in Your Pocket–or Their Shoes

Do you know what 528 pebbles look like? My friend Doreen gathered that many pebbles, each one picked for its unique color and shape. 528 beautiful little pebbles. She put them in a clear glass bowl, took a picture of them, and sent it to her representative in Congress with this message:

Here are 528 pebbles which I offer you to take to Congress. Remind your colleagues of the children waiting to be reunited with their families. Perhaps slip a pebble into a shoe of each Congressperson….the irritation a reminder to resolve this disgraceful situation.


Please don’t let them forget these 528 children. Maybe carry a pebble in your pocket to remind you to think of them. Feel free to copy Doreen’s photo and message to send to your senators and/or representatives. It’s time to get these children back where they belong!