About the Author

I grew up in Minnesota and Montana, but came to the Northwest to go to college, and that’s where I stayed. After I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University, I taught junior high English and journalism for six years and worked in elementary school libraries for 12 years. I also took more classes in writing, children’s literature, education, and library science at San Francisco State College, Oregon State University, and Eastern Washington University.

When my children were growing up, I wrote and published some 25-30 magazine articles, including humorous pieces. Two small books of mine were published by Welcome Press in Seattle, Keepers of the Beach (gulls of the Pacific Northwest) and Where Does the Tide Go? Out (description of tidal action and lore), both now out of print.

In retirement, I have participated in a writing group, and taken several writing classes.  In 2010 I participated in a “Year of Essays” with a group of women from Alaska, Maryland and Scotland. We published one essay each week to a private blog and then critiqued each others work. I have belonged to a book group for some 35 years and those inspired women continue to challenge me.


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