Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

We’re all in our comfort zones right now–our homes. But don’t forget to step outside and see what’s happening. As abnormal as the rest of our world seems right now, some beautiful sights are just outside your front door.

The neighbors have a new cat who has taken over the neighborhood. He is a handsome yellow creature who sits atop my fenceposts to hunt and patrols my high deck railing. A coyote ran through my yard over the weekend, and for the first time in some 50 years, a heron stood surveying my yard from the top of the pumphouse. The camellia bush is almost done blossoming and those bright pink blossoms of the peach tree are just opening.

This is not a month for words. Here are some of my favorite photos of outside attractions:

Toshiba Digital Camera

The quince bush is just now beginning to blossom.

Toshiba Digital Camera

Moon snail shell and part of a moon snail egg case on the beach at low tide.


Lisa’s amazing photo from a caterpillar infestation of several years ago. They can de-leaf a whole tree!

Toshiba Digital Camera

We will soon be seeing rhododendron blossoms like these.

Toshiba Digital Camera

Tulip fields in Mt. Vernon won’t be open this year, but I heard that they will be posting photos!

Step outside, take a walk, enjoy the sights in your neighborhood, and stay safe.

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