March to June, Step by Step

This month of June will be warm, and my veggies will stretch up and out, green and leafy and showy, but March came in like a lion not so long ago. Like a ravenous lion whose favorite fast food was slow walkers like me.

I’m not a slow walker. It’s just that I get distracted, so I slow down to look, and before I know it, the wind is taking a bite out of me. One March day I had stopped in a strong wind to see a body in the road. Two crows were nibbling on a small dead being, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Not willing to get any closer, and not wanting to interrupt their fine dining, I turned and walked on. About seven paces later, I saw a bit of fur at my feet. And then another–and another. Rabbit fur, dinner leftovers that the wind had re-positioned, and an answer to my question. They looked so soft I wanted to hold one to my cheek, but thought better of it.

I’ve been walking this route for almost 50 years. You’d think in that time I’d have seen it all, but I continue to be surprised.

Toshiba Digital Camera

Walking beside the waves, low tide in May

Recently a pickup truck stopped beside me and the driver called out, “Look up–see the eagle at the top of that tree!” The tree was almost right beside me and I would have missed the eagle if not for this man, a neighbor I do not know well.

A friend has started walking with me quite often and she, a creative artist, is more aware of the visual than I am. One of the first days we walked together, she stopped suddenly, looking down at something at her feet. Frothy-topped weeds beside the road were throwing their shadows onto the pavement, creating intricate, lacy patterns that looked like Chinese writing.

The kindness of a stranger, the mystery of a meal, the beauty of shadows. All of us are facing tough lives in one way or another. Walking is such a simple and ordinary activity. It’s just one activity that eases us through the tough parts–at the least. At the most? An adventure!

    This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.
              –Maya Angelou

8 thoughts on “March to June, Step by Step

  1. really nice writing

    I walk twice a day with Megan…. morning walks are from 40-60 minutes evening walks are shorter… 20-30

    She is really slowing down… she has tipped over once, missed a curb and crunched her head on it, a bit tipsy at times…. I wonder what I will do if she can’t make it home one of these days…. I need a plan…

    • So, so sorry about Megan–and I think it is important for anyone who reads your comment (which shows up on my blog) to know that Megan is your dog….She has been so faithful, a good walker and traveler. You’ve had wonderful dogs–I think you bring out the best in them? Yes, you need a plan….

  2. Must come walking with you,nothing but noisy cars on my road,lemolo has remained quiet,loved walking to the store and community house when young and visiting a best friend…never worried about wAlking right down the main road,Dewey and Marilyn owned the little corner store and would stop for candy or something for her mother,who knew EVERYONE! Good times lost only but for memories….

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