Everyone wants to make connections, even an introvert like me. And yet we rarely meet many of our neighbors–those people who live closest to us. That may all change here in my neighborhood. Some thoughtful neighbor hooked us up with an online neighborhood network. People passed the word, started to register at the site, and we soon passed the 50 member mark. Now we’re at a whopping 87 members. This particular network uses for each title the first word, “Nextdoor,” followed by the name of the community. I’m guessing there are other similar neighborhood network sites as well. I think it’s a terrific idea!

Sure, it’s a way to get acquainted, to make friends, but it also serves as a neighborhood crime watch, a lost and found site, a spot to advertise your garage sale or old truck, and a place to bring up matters of general concern for the neighborhood. And I’m loving reading the messages from these interesting people!

One of the first was a man who had found a shoe at the high tide line on his beach, “brown, strap, covered toes, and a marking on the sole, Primo.”

One neighbor described her year-old-puppy Oscar and asked that should anyone find him out wandering from time to time to please call her. It was a vivid description of the pup and her problems with restraining him, and then she added, “That being said 1 more important request if anyone has found 1/2 of blue glass dangle earring….”

My favorites, though, were this trio of comments about a deer wandering through our neighborhood:

“Just saw a yearling Doe walking on the road by my house on Tukwilla and Brauer! I ran out to my field and sure enough, it had jumped my fence and walked thru the field into the woods.”

“Awesome!! We see deer hoof prints in our front yard. An occasional nibble on the rose bushes. One night we looked out and there were two in our front yard. We love the wildlife here! So beautiful!”

And then a comment from another neighbor, not so enchanted with the doe’s beauty:

“That dang deer has now eaten every single apple off our two trees and won’t stay out of our garden…..” I was sympathetic–that doe had wandered through my yard and nibbled off the top of my favorite rosebush!

The potential for socializing is amazing. One couple offered to host a wine-tasting in their home. Another, the owner of wandering Oscar, suggested a big clambake, or maybe a “beach crawl,” where people could walk the beach meeting and visiting with neighbors along the way. At the end of this, she added, “Seriously, no one has seen my Egyptian glass earring…..?’

Me? I put in a notice about a big sealed bid auction in my garage and carport this weekend. Not sure how many neighbors will show up, but eight people thanked me for the notice!

We complain loudly about how online communication has separated us. I will be waiting to see if this online communication site will bring us together.

4 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Mary, that is a wonderful piece of writing.

    I love the connections with your neighbors. Sounds like fun.

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