Moving Houses

Moving the furniture around was always a piece of cake, but now I need to move the whole house. For years, I planned on laying a carpet, painting some of the walls, maybe even wallpapering a couple of other walls, but it’s too big and too much upkeep and it needs to go. It’s heavy, but I think I can manage it. It’ll be a piece of cake. Dollhouses aren’t all that heavy.

The granddaughters have long since quit playing with it, so I’ll put it up for sale at the big garage sale this summer. I’ll need to come to an agreement with the girls on the asking price. Will they object to this real estate transaction? Will the toddler memories of painting the chairs and tables and refrigerator a robin egg blue and dark rose pink tug at their hearts?

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I let the chicken house go about 20 years ago. The neighborhood weasely thugs had finished off the last chicken. That nesting house sat empty for a year or so, reminding me of fresh eggs and a feisty rooster until a neighbor offered to take the whole structure. This house was solid, engineered for easy access to nested eggs, and big enough to house two or three goats.

They hauled it away on a flatbed trailer the distance of about one half block, the whole operation taking up much of the road. When they later moved from this rental home to their own home some 20 miles away, they hauled the chicken house with them. Piece of cake.

But the house down the road from me is not a piece of cake. I’m sad to see that stately old neighbor go, a house I ¬†assumed would always be there. The last two weeks has been a crescendo of activity. The area around the house has been filled with cars and trucks.

Toshiba Digital Camera

Almost overnight, the house rose up and floated free of the foundation, only anchored at critical points. Within that same week it moved off its foundation completely, and over onto the driveway, where it will reside until the ground dries out and it can be moved up the hill, several lots away, to a new foundation. Meanwhile, the workmen have started work on a new house on the old foundation, adding insult to injury to the old house.

Change! We all deal with it all our lives, but it’s not always a piece of cake.

Come quickly–as soon as these blossoms open, they fall.
This world exists as a sheen of dew on flowers.
–Izumi Shikibu
Mid-Heian Japanese poet

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