Bits and Pieces

Watching the surface of the bay out my front windows for more than 40 years is like having known a person for that long and still noticing all the different little quirks and habits. I just glanced out the window and then looked again–thousands of gulls across the bay on a large stretch of water! No….just the sun reflecting off the ripples in that section of water.

From you readers:

After reading my piece on Rachel Carson, Sher suggested I watch the movie, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. I got it through Netflix. It was an “American Experience” presentation (1993). Meryl Streep reads the excerpts from the book and the quotes from Carson. Well worth checking out!

I asked for readers’ “sea stories” and Doreen responded with some wonderful memories of her family renting little outboard motorboats at the dock in Port Gamble back in the ’50’s and taking Sunday cruises around the bay. Her dad was the “driver” and her brother and she took turns at the tiller. She can remember the “free feeling” of skimming over the water, “fast and magical.” Although they never went ashore anywhere, her dad would point out various locations, like the beach where they went to dig geoducks in Little Boston. They never fished. “Thinking back, the boats were probably less that 100% seaworthy….no life jackets, of course.”

One post featured the new Suquamish Museum. The timeline has since been installed on one long wall of the museum, so it’s worth another trip back just to see it! If you haven’t yet visited the museum, it’s time to go! You won’t regret it.

Suquamish Museum 050

Suquamish Museum 050 (Photo credit: WA State Library)

I wrote another piece about my most treasured possessions–two dead crow wings that I hang in the pear tree every fall which so efficiently keep away the crows that used to decimate that tree. The New Yorker recently ran a cartoon (by Kanin) of a farmer standing outside a barn with a friend and pointing out the five dead crows on top of poles in his garden. “It turns out crows find a bunch of dead crows more frightening than a man made out of hay.” That’s not funny–it’s true!

1 thought on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Thanks for all your writings Mary. Brought me back many years when you wrote about looking out on the bay for 40 years. Brought me back to that day when Gil and I first visited your new home. I was totally blown away at the beautiful location. I so enjoy your writing and “knowing you” again. Your (ex) sister in law, Windy Gail Ann

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